Termination of Lease Obligationtled

                 Termination of Lease Obligation

This release agreement made on   [date]    , by    [name
of lessor]    , of     [address]      , City of   [city]  ,
County of     [county]    , State of    [state]   , herein
referred to as "Lessor", and     [name of lessee]    , of
[address]              , City of     [city]    , County of
[county]    , State of     [state]    , herein referred to
as "Lessee".

On     [date]           , a lease agreement was executed
between lessor and lessee for the premises located at
     [address]              ,a copy of which is attached
hereto and made a part hereof.

            [facts giving rise to this release]

The parties desire to settle all claims of lessor with
respect to said lease and to terminate all obligations
of either party thereunder.

Therefore, in consideration of       [amount]
($      ) Dollars, from lessee, receipt of which is
hereby acknowledged, lessor does hereby release lessee
from all obligations and duties of lessee set forth in
the above referenced lease. and lessor, for himself, his
heirs, his legal representatives and his assigns also
releases lessee, his heirs, his legal representatives and
his assigns from all claims, demands and causes of action
that lessor had, has or may have against lessee or against
his heirs, legal representatives or assigns in regard to
said lease.

In consideration of the release set forth above, lessee
hereby surrenders all rights in and to the subject
leased premises.  That possession of said premises shall
be delivered up to lessor immediately upon the execution
of this instrument, and that lessor is relieved of any
responsibilities or obligations under the aforementioned

In witness whereof, the parties to this agreement have
executed this instrument at     [place of execution]
this   [day]   of  [month]   , [year] .

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