Lease Renewal Agreement

                     Lease Renewal Agreement

Lessor_________________________________    Cust: #
                                           Cont. #
Address:_______________________________    Co.   #




1.    WHEREAS, ________________     and Lessee heretofor
entered into a rental agreement,  dated  __________ herein
called "Original  Agreement", pursuant to which _________
furnished for Leasee a ___________________________, as
identified above, and,

      WHEREAS, Lessor and Lessee desire at this time to
further extend and amend said original agreement as
hereinafter set forth.

2.    NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed that the
"Original Agreement" shall be further extended and
amended as follows:

     (a)  The payments under this agreement shall continue
          in effect for the period of _____________months
          ending __________________ and the Lessee shall
          pay a monthly rental of _____________ plus
          applicable sales tax for each and every calendar
          month throughout the term of this agreement
          commencing the ____day of ___________, and
          ending the ____day of ________________.

3.    All of the terms and provisions of said "Original
Agreement" except as herein modified, are to remain in full
force and effect and are made a part of this Renewal

LESSOR:                             LESSEE:

By____________________________      By___________________________

Accepted______________________      Title________________________

By____________________________      Payments Under This Contract
                                    Personally Guaranteed By:

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