Certification of satisfaction of lien


Whereas, on    [date]   , [lienholder]  caused a lien to
be filed for record in the office of [name of office] of
             County, State of         , which was duly
recorded in Volume    , page    , of       , against
property owned by [owner]   , of       [address]    , for
[description of work performed] by [name of lienholder],
the description of which is as follows:

Whereas, on   [date]   ,  [owner]     fully satisfied the
indebtedness secured by said mechanic's lien.

Therefore, in consideration of said payment, [lienholder]
hereby certifies that said lien is released and discharged,
and directs the County [name of office] to discharge of
record said lien.

Dated:______________________     _________________________

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