Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name

   Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name
                        General Form


     The undersigned______________________[Individual or
Partnership or Corporation], certifies the following:

     1.  The undersigned, _______________, Individual or
Partnership or Corporation], ceased to use the fictitious
name of ____________ in transacting business in the State
of __________________._

     2.  The full  [name or names] and  [place or places]
of residence of the undersigned______________ [is, are] as

                      Or, if a corporation

     2.  The principal place of business of said corporation
in the State of ________________, is at__________________,
in the City of _______________,County of__________________.

     3.  The above mentioned fictitious name is hereby

Dated:_________________       ____________________________
                                [Signature or Signatures]

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