Can't give reference

					(your street
                 			 city, state, zip)


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Dear Sir or Madam:

With much regret, we cannot give you a satisfactory reference 
for the ______ (name of company).  During the ____ (number of
years) that we have been conducting business with this 
company, our experience has been very unsuitable.

Our normal credit terms are ___ (number of days) net.  But their
account has been from ____ (number of days) to ____ (number of
days) in arrears during much of the time that we have had a
business relationship.  Their present balance of ________
(amount) includes purchases made as long ago as ________
(time period).

Of course, this information has been shared to you in confidence
and we hope that it will prove helpful to you.

          				Yours sincerely,



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