Open credit account


Dear Sir or Madam:

	This letter is requesting that I be allowed to open 
a credit account with your organization.

	I have been buying _______ (item) from your company
for ______ (time frame) on a C.O.D. basis.  Now I would 
like the convenience of charging these purchases with payment
made within ____ (time frame - spelled out and then numerical
numbers in paranthesis) from receipt of the invoice.

	My business has grown substantially during the last
___ (time) and I have recently added as customers (name a
few new customers).

	I have my account with ______ (name of bank).  You
can speak to their _____ (officer), ______ (name) as a 
resource.  In addition, I am listing ___ (number) of
references who will vouch for my business and personal
         city, state)

         city, state)

         city, state)

	I am confident that the references given will prove
satisfactory and I look forward to your prompt favorable

                                   Yours truly,

                                  (name) .........................

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