Have you recieved our information

                                              (your street
                                               city, state, zip) 


city, state, zip)

Dear ____ (name):


        Tell us whether you received our brochures?

        l)  Whether it gave you all the necessary information?
        2)  Whether you are still interested in ______?
        3)  Whether you have made other plans?
        4)  Whether you have any problems?

	If the latter applies to you, please either write us or
stop in our offices.  I am sure that we will be able to help

	If you have changed your plans or made other arrangements,   
we will be happy to remove your name off our list and not send
further letters and literature.

	A self-addressed, postage-free envelope is enclosed and
you may use the back of this letter for your reply.  We hope
to be hearing from you soon.

	Thanks for your cooperation.

                                       Yours truly,



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