No to credit application

					(your street
					 city, state, zip)


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Dear ___ (name):

	Thank you so much for your credit application at _____
(name of store).  We appreciate your confidence.  

	Your references are extremely good and your employment
record shows a strong future.  However, at present your financial
condition does not totally meet ____ (name of store's) requirements.
Therefore, we cannot grant you the $____ (amount of money) open
credit you requested.

	Please feel free to come in and talk to me at your convenience.
I am sure that we can set up a gradual increasing credit scale that
will meet with your satisfaction.  Meantime, deliveries paid by cash
are made within ____ (number of days) days.

    	We hope to be hearing from you shortly.


                                        (title)            				(title)


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