Pay delinquent account or court

			(your street
					 city, state, zip)


city, state, zip)

Dear ____ (name):

	How can we try to persuade you to pay your delinquent  
account?  We have tried many suggestions for extending the 
payment period, for making the monthly payments smaller, for
getting help from lenders, and for at least discussing this
matter with us.

	Now we have exhausted our own resources.  We have
to seek help from outside our own company.  We have consulted
with our attorney and he told us that we have several avenues
available to us for collecting our money.

	We are very uncomfortable with the thought of going
to court and, therefore, have decided to extend your
credit for ___ (amount of time) -- ___ (number of days).

	To avoid legal action, we must have your check for
____ (amount of money) on or before ____, l9__ (date).




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